Consumption Based Pricing: Grow Your Bottom Line & Ensure Success

January 17, 2019

Business is changing. Evidence of this can be found anywhere you turn. Ford Motor Company, for example, has branched out with Ford Smart Mobility, a mobility services arm of Ford. Most recently, Ford X purchased Spin, a dockless electric scooter sharing company based in San Francisco, for $40M. How do monolithic, decades old businesses begin to shift their pricing and billing models to serve a new base of customer?

Thankfully there’s BillingPlatform to help with these strategic shifts. We transform billing operations for global enterprises seeking to embrace the digital economy. As the only billing solution that adapts to every business model, BillingPlatform can empower recurring pricing while enabling more complex, consumption-based billing practices, such as electric scooter sharing.

Watch this video to see how BillingPlatform can help your business grow your bottom line and manage the entire monetization workflow.


Discover more about modern billing practices and BillingPlatform by downloading this whitepaper and see how our agile approach improves your business.

Video Transcript

Let’s face it; nobody wants to receive a bill. The word ‘billing’ is usually never even spoken unless there is a problem. Billing, however, is central to the health of your business. Problems in billing result in lost revenue, lost opportunities, and many angry customers.

The way the world does business is changing, as the evolution of technology impacts everyone. Technology will continue to evolve and businesses will either evolve with growing technological demands, or they will ultimately fail.

This means that your business needs a billing system that is flexible enough to evolve with the changing tide. Your system needs to be able to provide attractive options to your customers; it needs to be comprehensive enough to automate every aspect of your billing process; it needs to provides measurable intelligence into product, sales, and receivables performance; it needs to allow you the ability to sell your unique product and service offerings the way the want to sell them – without any predefined structures; and, ultimately, it needs to improve your bottom line.

Thankfully, we’ve developed a process to ensure success within all of these areas. This process involves four simple steps: Invent, Configure, Launch, Monetize.

First, invent your competitive service offering with ease using our highly customizable product and component designer.

These offerings can be tailored to fit exactly what you and your customers demand; your customers aren’t looking for compromise, so why should you? Whether you offer subscriptions, charge for usage, process one-time transactions, or all of the above – we’ve got you covered.

The platform is comprehensive enough to support every element of your service offering, including tiered pricing, rate bundles, discounts, renewals, rentals, an unlimited amount of products and services, and many more – virtually any service element you can imagine can be supported.

After you invent your service offering, it’s time to configure your billing process to fit your specific business model.

Customize any aspect of your operation, from quote to cash. Just a few of our many features include: unlimited custom invoice and communication templates; the ability to integrate with any merchant provider for credit card and ACH processing, or any external system for CRM, orders, usage collection, and accounting; define a customer hierarchy with different rate plans, billing cycles, and any other billing element you can image for each customer or group of customers; and structure data and processes to match the way you do business.

The potential for configuration is practically limitless; any billing component can be configured to fit your exact needs. And the best part is you get to choose the elements you want to configure and the ones that you don’t.

After configuration, you are now ready to launch your new billing platform. No more waiting for long product development cycles that take days, weeks, or even months! Rollout products and services when you need them most, RIGHT NOW. After your system has been configured, launching new products takes only minutes!  Allowing you to take full control of market share.

Plus, our geographically redundant data centers will guarantee that your system remains up and running quickly and efficiently; and our multi-lingual, multi currency, and multi time-zone support will ensure that all of your customers from around the globe receive their bills on time, in a format that they understand.

All of your billing data can then be reported on using fully customizable reports; trends can be predicted using specialized forecasting tools; and negative occurrences can be avoided using configurable alerts.

Finally you are ready to monetize every aspect of your business, and automate the process of turning ideas into cash. Everything from customer-specific billing cycles, to invoice delivery; from credit card and ACH charging, to account integration; from customizable dunning, to CRM and Order integration can be fully automated.

Your ideas have now been turned into cash, while you enjoy the benefit and freedom of your new, highly robust billing platform. Now you have time to relax while focusing on your core offerings – knowing that you have the power to monetize any idea with ease.

The world is evolving, ideas are changing, and expectations for higher quality products and services are growing. It’s time for you to take advantage of the ever-changing world. It’s time to take advantage of your billing platform.

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