MGI Research Raises BillingPlatform Rating

January 25, 2019
Posted on: January 25th, 2019 by Dennis Wall
Multiple Charging Models

MGI Research, an independent research and advisory firm, released updated ratings for Agile Monetization Platform vendors. We are thrilled that MGI recognized all the hard work and progress that we made in 2018 by raising their rating of BillingPlatform to 57. MGI increased BillingPlatform’s score in four categories (product, management, channel and strategy). The firm cited strong product enhancements around BillingPlatform v8 and our ability to solve a variety of billing problems as key reasons for our rating increase.

Report Highlights

Highlights from BillingPlatform’s updated ratings report are provided here.

“Product score improved from 12.76 to 13.45 reflecting a steady stream of functional enhancements culminating in Version 8 of BillingPlatform” – MGI Research

The recognition of our product and development teams’ achievements are well-deserved. The enhancements in Version 8 include improved monetization options, boosted security for system/compliance and a smoother customer experience. You can read more about Version 8 in my recent blog post.

“The company growth accelerated above the prior benchmark of 65%+ per year.” – MGI Research

And as our projected growth indicates, the market is recognizing the potential of our solution too. Personally, I have been working hard to lead our product team to create the best solution in the market. As a company, BillingPlatform continues to exceed expectations. Although 2018 was an incredible year, we anticipate even more product innovation and company growth in 2019.

“Use Case: The company solution has a particular sweet spot in the monetizing complex hybrid (physical and digital) assets across a spectrum of industries such as in ports, logistics, transport, and energy.” – MGI Research

The agile monetization platform vendor area is another exciting area of growth highlighted in the MGI report. Digital transformation continues to bring sweeping changes to every industry--see Ford’s purchase of Spin, an electric scooter company, for $40M. This example highlights how a century old motor company has begun to rethink its business model--Ford is becoming a personal transportation company.  BillingPlatform is poised to support the transformation of every industry. We make any pricing model simple to support. Just ask our customers like Zerto (high tech), Cengage Learning (education), and PGi (communications). 

And we’re not done.  If you believe as strongly as we do that agile monetization is a critical component to enabling digital transformation, then please contact us to learn more.

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About MGI 360 Ratings

MGI 360 Ratings is a comprehensive system for evaluating technology companies. Business, Finance and IT leaders use MGI 360 to track suppliers, assess purchasing risks and identify promising new vendors.

MGI Research is an independent industry research and advisory firm focused on disruptive trends in the technology industry.

Author: Dennis Wall
Dennis Wall
Dennis Wall serves as BillingPlatform’s Chief Executive Officer. Previously he was the founder of Cloud Sherpas – a leading cloud technology and advisory services firm. From its early self-funded growth, through strategic investment, multiple acquisitions, global expansion, and triple-digit revenue growth year-over-year, the company was acquired by Accenture in 2015. Prior to Cloud Sherpas, Dennis was the co-founder of OKERE, a global cloud services provider that was acquired by Fujitsu in 2007. Dennis brings more than 20 years of experience enabling companies from mid-market to Global 100 realize transformational change through innovative software and services solutions.
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