How BillingPlatform Enables
Innovation for IT Services
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Design and deploy next-gen pricing at will

BillingPlatform is a cloud-based billing solution that gives IT companies complete control and flexibility over how they charge customers.

The ultimate, future-proof billing system

Today, disruption is around every corner, thanks to innovative technologies, business models, and Digital Transformation. The IT Services world, especially, is changing rapidly, and leaders are looking for ways to differentiate from the competition.

Billing has become a new frontier of value creation, enabling IT Services leaders to attract and retain customers by offering compelling, personalized pricing tactics. BillingPlatform is the only cloud-based solution capable of evolving with IT companies and giving them the power they need to launch their most innovative business models.

All-in-One Platform

BillingPlatform comes with all of the features and capabilities needed for IT Services companies to flourish. Manage complicated account hierarchies, automate complex workflows, mediate usage data, build insightful performance dashboards, and more, all within our comprehensive solution. Set pricing for as-a-service products and services on your own terms.

IT Services Billing Challenges -- Solved

We understand the major billing challenges facing today’s leading IT Services providers. Companies have to strike the balance between giving customers the flexibility they want with rising billing complexity. Most lack a truly dynamic billing capability that can accelerate innovation without overburdening the enterprise.

With BillingPlatform, deploying and managing usage, subscription, tiered, hybrid, and other pricing models across multiple business units is easy. Nothing is out of reach for ambitious IT Services leaders who want to take advantage of next-gen pricing for their services and products.

Every Billing Requirement -- Fulfilled

Modern IT Services companies operate all over the globe. Providers must be able to expand to any region or geography, while protecting customer data and complying with privacy regulations. At the same time, billing operations should integrate with the rest of the financial ecosystem, always facilitating business process efficiency.

BillingPlatform fulfills the essential billing requirements for IT Services providers, allowing them to deliver new-age business models in every market and industry.


Billing Management

BillingPlatform allows you to customize, manage and automate billing models that are tailored to your specific customers.

Our platform provides you with the flexibility to launch and monetize new subscription- or usage-based products quickly, which is critical in today’s digital economy.

Product & Pricing

BillingPlatform enables you to easily define the rules for pricing and rating methods in your product catalog, allowing you to quickly bring new products and services to market.

With our flexible product configuration, you can monetize and customize offerings to give customers the best possible price and increase loyalty to your brand.


Business Intelligence

Give your decision makers the financial information they need to make important business decisions with actionable information about customers, real-time quantitative analysis for current performance management, and predictive analytics for modeling future outcomes.

BillingPlatform lets you pull information directly from the system, configure tabular and graphical reports and dashboards, and schedule when they are produced.